I believe in data and exceptional customer experiences

I am currently the Head of Product for PockitShip, but always looking for new opportunities. I previously founded Jowl, a centralized network for customer support, and before that I worked in as a UI/UX designer for Consensus Interactive, a Venture Capitalist for Highland Capital, and an account executive for EMC. For a detailed list of my experiences please see my resume or LinkedIN and get in touch


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Mariel Lacina, CEO and Founder - SR Collective

Quinn has established a start-up knowledge base that is invaluable for early stage companies forging their path. An incredibly dedicated and hardworking individual who makes it his business to better yours. Having gone through many critical start-up phases himself and continued to build his industry knowledge, he knows what questions to ask and what resources to point to as you maneuver each new phase. His unbiased perspective will help guide growth strategy, tying together all the moving parts to allow efficient progress and minimize your critical path to each new milestone. He'll ask the tough questions up front, holding your business plan accountable to all the potential challenges in the short and long term, yet still be the excited voice of encouragement, creating a contagious enthusiasm that will help spur you through those tough obstacles. He's been incredible to work with so far and we're excited to be working together for the long haul.

Kaitlin McCarthy, CEO and Founder - Wewander

Quinn has helped me throughout the entire startup process. His capacity to listen and understand your vision, while keeping a critical eye is immensely supportive. He understands the limitations and needs of a building a successful lean startup, as well as what it means to have funding and the legal ramifications of that route. He continues to help me in my venture, Wewander, by getting me in touch with the right people, suggesting meetings I should attend, and being an overall business advisor. Quinn has introduced me to a number of highly impactful people, from idea incubator folks to venture capitalists always looking for a new idea to invest in. I have not met many people in this world as driven and intelligent as Quinn.  He is a trustworthy and kind friend who will pick up the phone, meet you at a bar, or just shoot emails back and forth all day, to find any way to help. I once told him he should be an inspirational speaker as he has an uncanny ability to make you truly believe in yourself, without giving you the false hope that tomorrow you will be exponentially more successful if you are not willing to make the sacrifices and put in the work it takes to build something from nothing. I would, and have, recommended using Quinn as a consultant/advisor when beginning the long and often arduous journey that is starting a company, rather it be tech/software based, B2B or B2C based. Quinn is efficient, intelligent and effective at getting you to keep taking the proper steps forward, towards your goal.

Sean Morris, CEO and Founder - The Locker

Quinn has assisted The Locker through the growth stages of the company in specific areas such as product evolution, UX redesign, and ambassador program structure. He has been a vital resource in the continued expansion of our platform and definitely a creatively asset to our team. I would highly recommend Quinn to any early stage founders looking to enter the Boston startup community, he has an amazing network and an even better understanding of product market fit. 




Consensus Interactive

Quinn worked as a part time employee and consultant for our redesign of Boston Children's Hospital Career portal. He has a completely unique way of viewing multiple perspectives within businesses and ideas, which results in his ability to assess all possibilities and pursue the best course of action. 

PlayersCoach App - Gregory Christine

Quinn has been a great resource for us. His knowledge of athletics and startups couldn't have been any more perfect to help us navigate some challenges we had to overcome from a design perspective to a strategic approach. He has made some valuable connections allowing us to tap into his network! Being able to bounce ideas off of Quinn is great because he provides not only a founder and entrepreneur's perspective but also a subjective user perspective as well. We will continue to call Quinn for his perspective and we highly recommend him to help you with your startup. It takes a village to raise a child, or your startup, and Quinn is definitely someone you want in your village.