Just Do It

A lot has been said around Nike's famed slogan, 'Just Do It', but I believe many have not taken the time to truly understand exactly what it means. For many of us this phrase has been attached to some of the greatest moments in sports history, attached to Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Derek Jeter and others. What it has not been associated with is the average 25 year old corporate employee, or 32 year old who still dreams of starting a band and touring the world. 

We associate this idea to taking the final shot in the stanley cup playoffs, or stepping up to the batters box at the bottom of the ninth. To me the phrase means something much more...and much less. 

Make your bed, don't hit snooze, put the dish in the dishwasher, and get to the gym. These tiny things we overlook everyday form some of the biggest habits we despise. Every time you sleep in, procrastinate, or avoid doing one small task it reflects the rest of our decisions. So just do it...

Very seldom do others have the chance to judge us in these solitary moments,  the final decision comes with no support, no advice, and no motivation besides your own. The first step is realization and acknowledgement that these decisions are everywhere; should I do laundry tonight, should I make dinner or eat out, should I go buy that person a drink, should I write that email. The moment you rationalize procrastination or attempt to justify why you didn't read the book is the same moment you avoid taking that home run swing or the moment you avoid quitting your job to start living the life of your dreams... So, Just Do It.