Generation Internet

Our generation has been blessed with something no other had, transparency. This transparency has existed ever since we heard the lovely modem dial-up noise that managed to hijack the only phone line in a household. 

We share things, things that normally would be kept in a book, or kept in the minds of each individual through fear of being singled out. We can share thoughts, ideas, information, art, and knowledge all through one single medium that holds no judgement. I have gained roughly 94.2% of all my skills and knowledge through this medium and its various sources. It has spawned marriages, cultures, wars, and above all curiosity.

We as a generation have used this visibility and transparency to realize exactly what is possible and exactly who we can become. 

I have grown up watching every major social media explode, every viral video surface, and every entrepreneur switch from a lawn mowing service to a software based service. Of all the things I have come across and everything I have been exposed to i still remain aware of the sheer unmatched scale and complexity of the Internet. From Elon Musk and SpaceX commercializing space flight all the way to the latest meme on reddit, I still awake eager to explore exactly what randomness I'll find today from the islands of Indonesia, or the suburbs of Wisconsin, the Internet is everywhere.

It has given us the ability to find other people like ourselves, and to seek out alternate lives. As we were once isolated in our own frame of reference of personal friends, family, and towns we can now find out exactly what it would be like to live in Australia, to take up mountain biking in Chile, or work on a yacht cruising the world. I have come across several of these lifestyle entrepreneurs, or wandering nomads, and just like the millions of their followers I am a bit captivated.

Ben Brown, a YouTube video blogger from the UK records a 10min video about his day every single day. He has amassed over 200k followers on YouTube and roughly double that in the likes of Twitter and Instagram. What does he do? Lives his dream life as a resident of London and Cape Town he photographs, videotapes, and adventures nonstop. Through his slow uprising he has been connected with several other amazing youtubers such as Jack and Finn Harris, Casey Neistat, and many more. On a continuous adventure to explore, aid, and figure life out along the way they have defined a large part of this generation.

I follow these vloggers not to stare at the amazing life of a dreamer but to motivate myself and realize through the transparency of the Internet we really can dream and act on anything we want