God Checks In

Water, wood, rock, dirt, and a few plants. That's about the only thing that this world is made up of, yes, there are a many different subcategories but our world is made up of raw elements you might see looking into a forest, or into the ocean. Yet, with these raw materials we as humans have done quite a bit.

As I hop into a metal tube with dual compressed air turbines and maybe a few wheels attached I cannot help think of exactly how far we have come.

I take a seat in my leather chair bolted to the ground (made from precious metal mined through a multi-billion dollar industry and unparalleled set of processes, combined with the farming and cattle ranching practices needed to raise, feed, butcher, manufacture, regulate, distribute all for the sake of creating a 'cozy' static seat) 

I then check my email one more time on my smart phone (billions of dollars, billions of people, billions of lines of code, and an absurd set of laws, regulations, and development in both hardware and software...from sticks and stones)

I think you can see where I'm going, from the watch on my wrist, the shoes in my feet, the headphones in my ears, and the entire fucking thing flying through the air... All have been created through an unfathomable amount of time, effort, innovation, resources, and people.

We take these things for granted every second, and we have to, because if we stopped to appreciate every detail we would never have the time to innovate. We are living in an environment built off inventing, adapting, and innovating once again. We cannot take every second to appreciate light bulbs over candles, mostly because we have not been around to deal with both. Those who used dial up know the struggle, but today the young generation only knows of the stories we tell them, and how they should appreciate the technology they have. But what if someone lived through everything, what if someone saw from the beginning exactly how far we come, and appreciated every single step.... Here lies my brains random thought of the day...

What if God (any God for that matter) created the universe and all its awesomeness and then decided to take a quick vaca for a bit, maybe a few billion years, and came back today... 

What would he see, what would he say, what would he have expected...

Here are just a few of my first thoughts that would come to mind.

"What the fuck...what the Christ did you guys do...I left you with stones, a few pieces of wood and some water...what the hell is technology and someone please tell my what  'twerking is'...right now'

'Wait...what the fuck was that..something just went by my head..you did what?! You left the planet..you left earth..you put a human in a piece of stone and put him on that thing circling your planet? I didn't even want you guys going under water and you left earth..Jesus H Christ'

'And what the hell are the giant bugs you have flying around the planet itself...planes? Why would anyone ever get in one of those, and why are there 2874682 flying around at once..can everyone slow the fuck down and talk to me. Speaking of slowing down what in the world is this internet thing, the stock market, and dub step. I demand to know what asshat is started those religions.'

'Wait wait wait, you can talk to someone who isn't right in front of you...you can see someone on the other side of the planet...you can send them a 'sext'? What's a Sext and what is this absurd 'selfie' word I keep hearing. You guys need to fucking stop, what happened to eating fruit off a tree, talking to a person in person, and walking places' 

'Some other notes...

- what is this makeup nonsense people are using to fake their appearance

- how about you stop burning everything for 'energy' and just use the bodies I gave you

- was toy story 3 really necessary

- So you're telling me you play these sport things, where people try to take a ball or object and get it somewhere. And they listen to guys in stripes with a whistle. And they are the most influential people of your time.

- why are there borders separating people

- why are you deep frying everything and making absurd meals, just eat the food, stop overthinking it

- I refuse to even learn about this currency thing, it sounds ridiculous and I refuse to partake

- so you know you're destroying the planet and you don't do anything about it...ugh

- you fight wars...? That's ridiculous 

'Here are the good things guys, you fuckers are curious, you're passionate, and you have mastered just about everything from pen spinning and cup staking to astro physics and chemical engineering. I never expected to see is nonsense happening but I'm proud, every single aspect of humanity Is being pushed forward by someone in some corner of the world and that gives me hope that this race will have the determination to survive and advance...so keep it up, I'll check back in a couple billion years from now and see how you're doing, I'm out'

Just Do It

A lot has been said around Nike's famed slogan, 'Just Do It', but I believe many have not taken the time to truly understand exactly what it means. For many of us this phrase has been attached to some of the greatest moments in sports history, attached to Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Derek Jeter and others. What it has not been associated with is the average 25 year old corporate employee, or 32 year old who still dreams of starting a band and touring the world. 

We associate this idea to taking the final shot in the stanley cup playoffs, or stepping up to the batters box at the bottom of the ninth. To me the phrase means something much more...and much less. 

Make your bed, don't hit snooze, put the dish in the dishwasher, and get to the gym. These tiny things we overlook everyday form some of the biggest habits we despise. Every time you sleep in, procrastinate, or avoid doing one small task it reflects the rest of our decisions. So just do it...

Very seldom do others have the chance to judge us in these solitary moments,  the final decision comes with no support, no advice, and no motivation besides your own. The first step is realization and acknowledgement that these decisions are everywhere; should I do laundry tonight, should I make dinner or eat out, should I go buy that person a drink, should I write that email. The moment you rationalize procrastination or attempt to justify why you didn't read the book is the same moment you avoid taking that home run swing or the moment you avoid quitting your job to start living the life of your dreams... So, Just Do It.

The Stories we could have told

One day baby we’ll be old and think of all the stories we could have told

A line out of Asaf Avidan’s track ‘One Day’ – This quote resonates with me through the idea of time, inevitably we will all end up with our friends, sitting on a beach, around a fire, or at the local watering hole reminiscing about the stories we had together and the stories we have apart. It is in this moment that I believe many people view their life with a certain distinction, we all want things in life, adventure, happiness, family, security, routines, children. Each one of these holds a differing value to every individual, and it is the moment that we reflect back to these ideals that define our happiness. What stories do you want to tell..

My Biggest Motivation

My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had — everyday I’m learning something new.
— Richard Bransen

Life is a lesson, learn from it what you can. Everyday we have the chance to learn something new, to explore something new, to meet someone new. The resources we have today are far beyond the wildest dreams of any past educator, establish a schedule of one thing you want to learn today, one thing you want to learn this week, and one thing you want to learn this year. In doing this you will discover more about the world we live in, and ultimately more about yourself, as an individual in this game we call life

Generation Internet

Our generation has been blessed with something no other had, transparency. This transparency has existed ever since we heard the lovely modem dial-up noise that managed to hijack the only phone line in a household. 

We share things, things that normally would be kept in a book, or kept in the minds of each individual through fear of being singled out. We can share thoughts, ideas, information, art, and knowledge all through one single medium that holds no judgement. I have gained roughly 94.2% of all my skills and knowledge through this medium and its various sources. It has spawned marriages, cultures, wars, and above all curiosity.

We as a generation have used this visibility and transparency to realize exactly what is possible and exactly who we can become. 

I have grown up watching every major social media explode, every viral video surface, and every entrepreneur switch from a lawn mowing service to a software based service. Of all the things I have come across and everything I have been exposed to i still remain aware of the sheer unmatched scale and complexity of the Internet. From Elon Musk and SpaceX commercializing space flight all the way to the latest meme on reddit, I still awake eager to explore exactly what randomness I'll find today from the islands of Indonesia, or the suburbs of Wisconsin, the Internet is everywhere.

It has given us the ability to find other people like ourselves, and to seek out alternate lives. As we were once isolated in our own frame of reference of personal friends, family, and towns we can now find out exactly what it would be like to live in Australia, to take up mountain biking in Chile, or work on a yacht cruising the world. I have come across several of these lifestyle entrepreneurs, or wandering nomads, and just like the millions of their followers I am a bit captivated.

Ben Brown, a YouTube video blogger from the UK records a 10min video about his day every single day. He has amassed over 200k followers on YouTube and roughly double that in the likes of Twitter and Instagram. What does he do? Lives his dream life as a resident of London and Cape Town he photographs, videotapes, and adventures nonstop. Through his slow uprising he has been connected with several other amazing youtubers such as Jack and Finn Harris, Casey Neistat, and many more. On a continuous adventure to explore, aid, and figure life out along the way they have defined a large part of this generation.

I follow these vloggers not to stare at the amazing life of a dreamer but to motivate myself and realize through the transparency of the Internet we really can dream and act on anything we want