Drivers vs. Mechanics

I just picked up a new podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, in which John Lee Dumas interviews some of the biggest, newest, and brightest entrepreneurs of our time. I will attach the link below for those interested but to skip ahead I heard a quote within one that really struck a chord with me today

“There are mechanics and then there are drivers”

Now, like many of us I love interpreting quotes in my own head before actually hearing the original meaning, just to convince myself of my highly intelligent philosophical characteristics, (and usually I just twist it to favor my characteristics). But this particular quote got to me only because of the thoughts I have been having recently.

      Now there are many people in the world today that truly believe they are cognizant of the entire world around them and available to them. They see their daily tasks and their daily activities, these tasks have come about through years of preparation and build up, earning a degree-to get a job-to go to work-to complete the spreadsheet-to get the check-to pay the bills. These tasks can be translated into other portions of life, meeting a girl-dating-marrying the girl-moving in-having kids-caring for your kids. Now I am not attempting to neglect the amazing experiences and advantages of employment, relationships, and the sheer joys of having a family, but each life and individual sees their responsibilities for what they are in their particular frame of reference.

     But many people get into their car, turn the key, and simply expect it to start. They see a car for what it is to them and it’s ability to get them from point A to point B. However, there are others in this world that before turning the key check the oil pressure, tire pressure, fuel gauge, air filter, oil filter, spark plugs, brake fluid, and several other points before turning the key. These are the mechanics that realize behind the scene a simple twist of the key begs the car to pull electricity from the battery, force a spark plug to connect a unfinished circuit, which in turn ignites a small amount of highly combustible fluid within a tiny piston chamber, driving a piston head up and out only to rotate an initial drive shaft that, well, helps move you from point A to point B.

Two processes, two drivers, two personalities..

I immediately heard this and related it to the everyday scenarios I see within this world. I see people who can go about their everyday tasks without the slightest notion of what their doing, only the fact that they need to be done, or they expect them to be done.

In life I believe those that do not see the true meaning, and the true functioning components behind each interaction or task miss out on the beauty, the complexity, and the truly incredible pieces of this world. Every life has its responsibilities and duties, from family to friends and self, but being able to interpret each action and at the very least acknowledge the little things gives us the ability to find out what we really appreciate in this world, and what really matters to us.