Sir Richard Branson

"I think it goes without saying that the days that we stretched out are more memorable than those when we got a good night’s sleep"

There are a few Richard Branson quotes that I have come to connect with but none more than this simple quote he had when asked about his sleeping habits. The simple answer lies in the fact that those who want to live a life that others dream of, you cannot dream, you have to do. 

There is a young professional friend of mine working as an I-Banker for Citigroup in the lovely New York City. His schedule is one filled with work, work, and a dash of more work. He is an infamous snapchatter at 2-3am everyday with the usual comment of 'Coming or going?', suggesting he may be leaving his office or heading in. 

The work alone is something to be proud of, and something I have admired for quite some time, but theres a bit more to his schedule as well. On top of the hectic work load this individual promotes for some of the biggest clubs in NYC and is a regular on the weekdays and weekends. From thursday night nonsense, all the way to sunday brunches he is always the first to suggest a night out, and always the first up in the morning for work. 

Oh, and one more piece, he runs a large music blog under the name NewEnglandRoyalty and has amassed a large following over the last several years, sourcing music from every corner of the world and enlightening followers.

On the other end of the spectrum I have seen many individuals walk through the beginning of their professional career with 8-5 jobs, capable of waking at 7 and resting around 10. These are not bad habits by any means, but they are just that, habits. As we realize, everyone is capable of training their bodies to study, learn, party, workout, and more, and sleep is simply another training habit. If your body is accustomed to 8 hours of sleep each night it will expect 8 hours every night. If your body is used to 5 hours of sleep each night it will expect 5 hours each night. These three hours are the biggest factors for success in my opinion. These 3 hours are where fortunes are made, good times are had, and memories are made.

The days we stretch out, to work, to train, to party, to plan always provide us with memories capable of defining our life.