"Fail-Fast", "Move fast and break things", "Learn from your failures", "Fail often so you can succeed sooner"

Soo your'e saying I should just go ahead and fail...then I'll learn that it...?

In today's startup community it is truly evident that great lessons come from failure. "Learn from your mistakes and take the next step forward", is what everyone says, but haven't there been enough failures already? Haven't thousands of companies and founders failed? Ok, so let's go ahead and learn from their failures before anyone else needs to fail one more time.

Of all the TechCrunch articles and FastCompany posts I have read, the most valuable by far is "101 startup failure post mortems"

These obituaries provide amazing insight into the minds of failed startups and the lessons they have learned. I have read over 50 individual articles and learned something from each. One article even persuaded me enough to pivot my entire company, and for that reason I highly suggest taking a look.