Fear. The word itself often provokes thoughts of 'The Ring', any unfinished basement, or even an empty water heater in the morning. This fear is attached to emotional reactions triggered in each of our bodies meant to alert us, however fear for me comes in awhile new form.

As I graduated college with plans of a summer abroad followed by the almighty cubicle I believed everything to be right on track. My entire 22 years of life, more or less summed up by a letter notifying me I had received a 'job'. The family was happy, the friends were happy, I was happy, all until the moment I sat down at my desk on the very first day. 

Fear. The fear I experienced within the first few months of my corporate job was like nothing I had ever encountered. It encapsulated me not jut in the form of 'Sunday Scaries' but in the form of 'Every Night Scaries'. 

I saw the commute, the work, the environment, and even the compensation all as a nightmare. It was at this moment I believe that something happened, my quarter-life crisis. As my family and friends call it, my quarter-life crisis consisted of me staying in on weekends, losing interest in personal hobbies, and transforming into an overall miserable individual. 

The fear that this might be it, the real world and all it's glory, terrified me. So I started to reach out to family members, friends, and complete strangers about their careers and their dream jobs, and it dawned on me that very few people truly enjoy their jobs…those things people spend their entire lives at…?

How has it come to this, how have so many people been sucked into the trap of 'success' and passionless positions? What would it take to scare someone into realizing they need to pursue their passions not when they're retired, but right now. What would that fear look like.

It took less than 30 words and 30 seconds for me, a moment that instilled real fear that would change the way I look at everything.

"The Last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become" - The definition of hell